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Aanchal Sayal is a new lifestyle-fashion brand founded by the namesake Aanchal Sayal with a goal to cater to the growing niche of the Indian lifestyle-fashion connoisseurs who desire a high quality product. The brand offers products that embrace high-fashion and self-expression with sustainability. Algo has designed the brand identity for Aanchal Sayal that captures their spirit of reinventing the fashion-lifestyle accessory market.

We were tasked with creating an identity that showcased the niche, high quality, high-fashion look while maintaining the aesthetic sensibility of sustainability. After creating the brand identity we were also tasked with creating a social media marketing campaign to showcase and sell the products all without having an e-commerce portal to sell through.

Our brand strategists started with the simple goal of showcasing the brand’s sustainability and niche look which translated into its brand identity. The content strategies were geared primarily towards sales and lead generation using extensive paid media strategies.

A brand that took the market by storm and was lauded for its identity. Aanchal took the market by storm through the paid media campaigns which achieved Through the paid advertisements, we managed the following over a 6-month period:

150% increase in link clicks than targeting
Product placed in luxury fashion store in the first 6 months of the launch
70% above target increase in sale

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