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Antaran is a key intervention of the Tata Trusts’ craft-based livelihood program initiated to bring changes to the development of the crafts sector in India. It aims to rejuvenate the struggling handloom clusters through an end-to-end program to train the weaver-entrepreneurs of the weaving clusters. Antaran approached us to create a novel marketing program that would get their target market interested in the stories of these weaver-entrepreneurs as well as generate leads to sell the products.

To generate interest in the intervention program we created a novel campaign which was based around presenting the works by the weaver-entrepreneurs to the audience in an aesthetic way to create inquiries and sales for them. The secondary objective was to introduce the audience to the clusters in Odisha, Assam and Nagaland to build awareness about the area and about the cultural importance of the weaves and motifs, the culture and the people of the area and its geography and history.

60% increase engagement on social media
35% increase in conversions from ads

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