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The client approached us to create an identity of a legacy home décor brand that had been trading Indian goods internationally for seven decades and now wanted to launch their brand in the Indian market. The challenge was to create the identity for a legacy brand that would appeal to the niche, urban clientele who valued high quality home décor products.

To design the client’s identity we started by understanding the target market and the aesthetic that would appeal to the target market. Artistico being a legacy brand needed an identity that would match their legacy and also be aesthetically pleasing to their target market. We created a contemporary logotype that defined the brand, the logo mark is derived from the lotus, the national flower of India and a clean font type which represents the brand and its unique outlook.

We were also tasked with curating the social media presence for the brand, our social media strategy consisted of firstly, promoting the products and showcasing how these products can be used and secondly talking about how the products were made. We achieved an average return of 5x for the brand.

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