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Do you know where Maggie comes from? Not everyone will know it’s made by Nestle but every household will always have stacks of packets stocked in their kitchen pantry. In the same way, Indian beauty soaps that have designed the skincare of a whole nation, are manufactured by Hindustan Unilever Ltd – but we know them better by their brand names – Pears, Lux, Dove. Brands enter lives and they make it impossible to imagine life without them; be it breakfast without Amul butter and Tata Tea or a full nights sleep without All-out. Brands take their place in the limelight but they can only sustain it if they have a system (read branding agency) to keep backing them while also devising strategies that make them appear more and more relatable and appealing. This ongoing task becomes the very job of a brand management agency.

Transform your ideas into a brand : We will be your ideal brand custodians

All ideas, however big or small, begin as simple notes on a piece of paper or a flow chart on a board – however, even at this early stage, it is already a dream manifesting itself. Ideas can strike anywhere, from quiet corners to a sea of people – the only stark distinction between an idea and a business is its successful implementation. No need to put a cap on your flow of ideas when walking down the street or sipping coffee on your porch – let them come. Let them give you nights of sleeplessness and instil in you the fire to create something away from the norm and of your own. Once decided, all you need to do is contact the branding agency in Mumbai to take over – to turn your golden ideas into an equally worthy brand.

A brand’s true success can only be measured over a period of many years and not mere days. Launching the brand successfully is only the very starting point of all the hard work – one has to somehow figure a way to sustain it – keep the brand afloat. And so, a branding agency like Algorrithm Digital is at your service. We work tirelessly with you to make sure that your brand receives all the right strategies, people, processes and ideas to properly manage and grow your brand going forward.

Algorithm Brand Development : why does your brand need it?

There are so many brands that one simply cannot do without in today’s day and age. Coca cola, Nike, Adidas, Apple are just a few of the many brand names to resonate with – all of whom have one thing in common – a deeply researched and thoroughly executed brand development strategy that has made all of them a regular household name. When we speak of brand development we are referring to the organised process of creating original imagery and curating services and products for the target market – the kind that will be sure to set your brand apart from the clutter of the already overflowing market. From the basics like logo, taglines and the website, the process remains ongoing and aims at uplifting the brand equity in the market. This is the reason your brand needs Algorrithm Digital, a branding agency that will help your brand by strategising your next creative moves and helping capture the market before another brand may be able to steal the show. A branding agency in Mumbai that understands every big and little stage of the development process for your brand, Algorithm targets its efforts at achieving excellence for your brand in every capacity.

We as your brand agency help you realise your brand’s identity as being more than just a logo, a colour palate or a tagline. We make your brand realise its capacity as an entity with a story to share and convey the background it's from – making it our responsibility as your branding agency to accurately articulate and broadcast it to the world. We work at your side to best communicate your brand’s voice and spirit into a poignant and long lasting brand identity that will be visible with clarity to your audiences and the market alike.

What Algorrithm Communication do towards Brand Development:

There are no boundaries to communication. Trends and fads are passing but a brand’s identity is forever – the design map must push all boundaries of the present popular aesthetic. While working on the brand’s development, we try to get an understanding of where the envision themselves in five to ten years time. This goes a long way in helping us as your brand agency realise our approach in creating your story and language. This means your brand website being worthy enough to draw attention or the visual appeal conveyed through your brand colour palate or logo; something about the brand story has to be enchanting to the audiences – something that conveys the brand's ethos by resonating with the feelings and emotions of the audience. It is the job of the branding agency to create and nurture a relationship between your brand and anyone browsing your website as a result of precise and impactful communication pathways developed by us, your trusted branding agency in Mumbai.

Brand positioning: Where you see yourself from the eyes of the consumer is where we will help reach. We keenly position your brand in the very spotlight – so that nobody has a choice but to stop and take notice of the absolute marvel that we will help transform your brand into. We will rightly convey what exactly it is you are offering as the brand. We will curate an enthralling brand experience, optimal brand positioning and as your branding agency in Mumbai, we will go that extra mile to make sure to do so seamlessly.

Brand Visibility: How instant and easy is it to recognise the logo of Subway or Mercedes Benz? Even little children are able to identify them. This is what is known as brand visibility. Irrespective of what country you belong to, a Mercedes Benz is recognisable and everyone is able to identify Subway. We cover the responsibility of everything from your brand’s content being impactful to aligning an effective PR strategy that complements the brand strategy and to properly harness the reach of influencer marketing – Algorithm is your branding agency in Mumbai where our team will do absolutely everything, leaving no stone unturned in creating the right platform for your brand to be visible.

Brand Tie-ups: Ever noticed a pack of PepsiCo’s Lay’s chips for sale at your nearest Pizza Hut? The setting loose of one brand’s global presence to benefit the other – that is the essence of a brand tie-up. To properly milk the prowess of brand tie-ups for online clientele, we need to understand the market and accordingly forge tie-ups with thought-out strategy, so as to best serve the interests of both parties involved. We, your branding agency from Mumbai, will offer you the support you need to achieve the best results through brand tie-ups.

Brand Launch: As it is famously said, the first impression remains the last impression – the launch of a brand is the farthest thing from a cake walk. It cost months of strategising and planning, the formulation of a strategy and its implementation to achieve the benchmark one desires. Algorithm, our branding agency in Mumbai consists of an enthusiastic team that realises the importance of successfully launching the brand. We know to rightly direct all efforts towards creating an excitable anticipation and conversation about the brand across all platforms for a power-charged start.

How we do it: Malted chocolate brand Bournvita says, ‘Tayaari jeet ki’ and children tell their mothers, “Please buy me this – I also want to win!” This reveals to us the positioning of Bournvita as a brand in the minds of all consumers. A thoroughly effective brand positioning strategy from your branding agency will require you to trust them to know what impact the positioning will cause on the client. We will not only fully cover your basics but also extend your product’s visual branding to develop the marketing persona of the brand and establish its voice and tone with accuracy. Our branding agency in Mumbai is aware of the xact approach to engage in for the most effective brand positioning.

Brand Tie-ups: Are you looking to attempt capitalising on another brand’s market presence? A brilliant idea to invite synergy and offer your brand a chance to boost itself. At Algorrithm, our branding agency in Mumbai, we research and dig out the best possible brand collaborations that will place your brand in only win-win partnerships.

Dipstick Survey: Grant your audience the wholesome freedom to express their opinions and perceptions soundly, to convey their beliefs and views with clarity about any particular service or product. This is important to properly grasp how the consumer is receiving/feeling about your product. Our branding agency is not a brick & mortar enterprise where one is made to work as if they were robots with preconceived data to meet targets and achieve goals. We realise the importance of analysis of customer reactions and behaviour in general and through means of the Dipstick Survey, Algorithm, being the branding agency in Mumbai, makes sure to accurately gauge their reviews and incorporate the understanding into operations so as to better serve both the client and the brand on its journey onward.

Brand Visibility: For the common folk, a brand’s visibility may translate to simply being yet another element to acknowledge. But our team at Algorrithm, your branding agency in Mumbai, knows and works in accordance with the fact that brand visibility is one of the most important parameters to survive neck-to-neck competition. Our efforts and methods are accurate, effective and result oriented; we uplift your online presence and visibility by working on your social media presence and reach by smartly engaging in the following:

  • Inviting guest blogs of different websites
  • Running ads on Facebook & Instagram
  • Finding and using your brand’s voice
  • Developing native advertising
  • Starting the brand’s own podcast
  • Brand Launch: One of the most important parts of any brand’s strategy towards development is how efficiently the brand is launched. The more power one is able to pour into efforts at this stage, the more one can expect in terms of the turning of heads towards the brand’s website. It is therefore important to properly study the possible risks and challenges related to the brand’s launch as a start. We make sure that only our A-team tends to your needs, hatching a power-packed brand launch strategy that will include planning, identifying the brand’s audience, developing the communication plan for the brand and create a migration plan for the brand. This will initiate the launch of the brand with the help of our branding agency in Mumbai, both internally and externally.

    We don't sell products, we sell iconic brands!

    Algorithm manages to not only first give life to your idea and turn it into a brand but also sustain it as a living entity, causing recall and creating a reach for it. We don't keep a narrow vision when it comes to the your brand’s welfare – we don’t make it our business to simply sell your services and products but to go deep and truly realise the brand’s potential and help convey that – to help realise the brand so it is free to grow into itself. The aim is to create a brand that is able to sustain on its own two legs, on its own strengths – with just the right framework to hold it while also strategising the right plan forward for its growth.

    We make it our business to make your business an iconic one that will be remembered and trusted with its unshakable value system. Trust us to transform you into an entity that can be trusted – we are here for you. Your brand is already unique – put it in the trusted hands of those with experience and expertise. Share your brand’s reins for support from Algorrithm, our branding agency in Mumbai.


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