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The client approached us to help increase their digital presence and to leverage their social media platforms to generate leads. The challenge was to revive and redesign the client’s digital pages and to create a lead generation platform for their language classes.

To redesign the client’s digital presence, we started with understanding the target market. With Inlingua, we had cater to a very broad audience base which included people who had very basic or no understanding of the English language, but also people who had a stronger understanding of the English language but wanted to enhance their skills, and also people who wanted to learn other languages, the target market being very vast made finalizing a singular strategy very difficult. Therefore, we arrived at the conclusion of using simple, straightforward English that could be understood by anyone and would also communicate effectively what Inlingua is, the services they offer and why they are the best. Second, to build their lead generation advertisements were run both in English and Hindi to target the non-English speaking market which had aspirations to learn the language and the ads in English were targeted to people who had a basic grasp of the language but wanted to enhance their language skills.

The design of both the social media creatives and the ads were kept deliberately simple with minor illustrations to enhance the creative. The primary goal was to use imagery from the client itself which included their students and teachers.

As a result of our highly effective strategies, the client’s social media and digital presence was boosted. Their social media channels grey by 75%, the interaction on the social media platforms grew by 150%, and the lead generation activities resulted in an increase in incoming lead by 75% along with an increase in conversion by 55%.

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