Brand concept, website & social media management for an innovative art ecommerce brand

Algo worked on a new visual identity and digital experience for an online gallery and art fulfilment house.The challenge was to create an identity that would appeal to more high-value customers but also be appreciated by the younger generations interested in purchasing art pieces & prints the company’s goal is to introduce to and educate younger generations interested in art while also targeting serious art lovers willing to lay more for quality production and framing. The client wanted to create an identity for the platform that was modern and sophisticated to appeal to the nuanced sensitivities of the new art market

The solution was a new identity which included a logotype using more contemporary and characterful combination mark inclusive of a logotype and a pictorial mark. We also designed a new streamlined user experience that makes it easier for customers to discover inspiring art along with an application that features an Augmented Reality view of the artwork to show how it will it into your space.

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