Koko Glam

Koko Glam

Content strategy, Social media management

Koko Glam, a beauty and skin-care brand wanted to re-launch their brand with new product lines of Korean skin-care products. Being an established name in the market, our biggest challenge was to introduce the new products to an existing customer base, while capturing an entirely new market for their products.

Koko Glam
Koko Glam
Koko Glam

To introduce the brand and its new product lines we had to create new ways of creating awareness through organic and paid media. Using give away campaigns with out of the box ideas, extensive advertisements across all digital platforms and introducing the products we set out to overhaul the digital presence of the brand.

With the content and paid marketing strategies, the brand saw an overall increase in its sales and website visits and a large increase in its customer base. 38% increase in sales through social media pages.
42% Increase in website visits
78% Increase in customer base

Koko Glam
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