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Rebranding a 70 year old legacy brand was always going to be a challenge, but that’s what the Kwality group approached us for. Our challenge was to rebrand and redesign a household favorite that has been the mainstay of New Delhi’s F&B scene for nearly a century. The group wanted to rebrand itself to cater to a newer younger market that had differing aspirations and wanted a unique dining experience while still preserving the essence and of the brand that is frequented by repeat customers who have been visiting it for generations.

To cater to the older generation who knew and loved the Kwality of old and to introduce the brand to a newer, younger market our approach was to keep things simple and use elements from the existing brand while introducing a royal touch to the brand while making it more contemporary. The environmental design was done using old photographs that the family had in troves and trinkets and curios from the past and including these with a modern, chic graphics. This approach translated into their Social Media too. By keeping our approach young and including vintage elements and photographs we captured the essence of the brand and its likeness across social media platforms.

68% Increase in subscriptions
82% increase engagement on social media
45% increase in conversions from ads
93% increase in website traffic

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