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A family-owned and operated dairy farm which once used to be perhaps one of biggest across the country now forgotten in the age of large scale commercial farming approached us to help them grow their digital presence. Mr. Dairy produces and sells A2 Cow milk and ghee which has clear benefits over the mass produced A1 Cow milk variant. The brand had recently relaunched itself in an effort to capture the growing young customer base that clearly preferred locally sourced, sustainably and ethically produced dairy products and needed our help to get their message across and create a new market base.

To engage the customer base and introduce the products, we carefully created content which would clearly list out the benefits of A2 milk and dairy products using interactive posts, stories, tweets and videos that spoke about the health benefits of the product and why should the customers change their choices in a famously sticky market. By using a dynamic target market and advertising approach we managed to create campaigns which not only increased their social media engagements but also increased their subscriptions for milk deliveries by large margins.

68% Increase in subscriptions
82% increase engagement on social media
45% increase in conversions from ads
93% increase in website traffic

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